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About Us

   We started out as an idea in a Houston area garage after asking a simple question…. How would I do this and long story short the Gas Block Roll Pin Fixture or as we call it the "Widget" was born. This is our flagship product and while it is the backbone of SMA, we are not resting on this tool alone. We are working hard to find new and better way of doing things, and bringing you the best of what is already out.

When you hold a SMA tool in your hand you should feel the quality, and know that it was made in the USA, by American workers, and in a very real way your purchase helped put dinner on the table for a family, or maybe even a worm on a hook on a family fishing trip.

   This is what we strive for everyday not only to get the good honest gun builders of our country the best tools we can but also to take care of our fellow Americans because at the end of the day our best way to help ourselves is to help each other.

   While SMA is a veteran owned and operated business, what we really strive for is the tools, parts and gear should speak for themselves. We want the merit of our tools and gear to be what brings you back the next time you need a new tool that’ll last a life time.

DAVID: Founder
David is a Texan born and raised, a USMC Combat Engineer, and Veteran of both OIF & OEF as well as a Police Officer who loves to build things. He often jokes that he has been swinging a hammer since he was strong enough to lift it and shooting even longer. Often times growing up and during his time in the Corps, things had to be done in less than ideal conditions and not always with the proper tools or supplies, so thinking outside the box was a fact of life. Asking the question “How would I do this” has been a driving force. Add that to a love of his family, the outdoors and guns; and you have a quiet guy that can move troops or mountains when he puts his mind to it.

BRUCE: Managing Member
Arguably Bruce knows how to get things done. With a pair of Ph.D.s and 4 other degrees he is a man on a mission. Bruce has a passion for solving problems and the ability to sort issues down to the lowest common denominator. Clearly a pivotal part of the team, after joining SMA things changed quickly. He reduced the cost of production, therein our selling price, while expanding margins for our distributors. He expanded the product line and increased our production capability to thousands of units per month, while maintaining SMA’s Quality Standards including The Widget's “Made in America” status

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