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Ca. Prop. 65 (2018)

      With reference to the California “Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act” of 1986, aka, proposition. 65, chromium ,aka metallic chrome, which has a oxidation of zero (Cr0) is not listed as a substance of concern. Cr6 is listed as a substance of concern. Steel alloys do not contain Cr6.
       AISA 4130 and AISI 4140, and stainless steel(s) are commonly used in the aircraft and firearms industry and some of Saint Michael’s Armament LLC’s (SMA) products including “The Widget”™ and “The StepWidget”™ product lines.

AISA 4130 and 4140 are alloy steels that rely on the addition of carbon (C), chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo), and manganese (Mn), to iron (Fe) to increase the strength and hardenability of the steel.

       Chromium metal, aka chromium, aka chrome, with a oxidation state of zero (Cr0), the form in which Cr is present in steel and stainless steel products, is no more hazardous that anything else you drop on your foot, etc. Metabolized Cr and in particular chemicals containing Cr6+ (chromium with a positive oxidation state of 6) are clearly hazardous materials. See Link

        Thus, we and possibly every business selling steel in Ca. feel tasked / taxed by the state of  Ca. to advise you that like your car, computer, hand tools & dishwisher our stuff is made of steel containing Cr metal, done. Actually, we have not been able to confirm that we are obligated to report steel content, just covering our ass before it gets kicked to the tune of $25K/item.

         Below are the typical elemental compositions of AISI 4130, 4140 steel, and the chromium content of several steels that we have or have considered using in the manufacturing of our trade mark products.

AISI 4130 Typical composition (%)

Carbon                0.28 - 0.33

Chromium            0.8 - 1.1

Manganese           0.7 - 0.9

Molybdenum        0.15 - 0.25

Phosphorus            ≤ 0.035 max

Silicon                 0.15 - 0.35

Sulfur                ≤ 0.04 max


AISI 4140 typical  composition (%)

Carbon                 0.380 - 0.430

Chromium            0.80 - 1.10

Iron                      96.785 - 97.77

Manganese            0.75 - 1.0

Molybdenum        0.15 - 0.25

Phosphorous        ≤ 0.035

Silicon              0.15 - 0.30

Sulfur               ≤ 0.040


416 SS                 11-14 % Cr

440 SS                 16-18 % Cr

17-4 SS                15-17 % Cr

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