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Bravo Company Manufacturing AR-15 Extractor Spring Upgrade Kit

Bravo Company Manufacturing AR-15 Extractor Spring Upgrade Kit

SKU: SQ3447504
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Running an SBR or AR-15 pistol can sometimes bring reliability issues. With this AR-15 extractor spring upgrade kit by Bravo Company USA, you can easily make your AR extract properly and consistently. The heavy coil extractor spring is designed to increase the extractor tension, so that it will overcome the harsher recoil of a short gas system and reliably extract spent cases. This spring is manufactured from high quality chrome silicon material and is heat treated and shot peened to improve strength. Also included in this kit is the improved black extractor insert as well as an O-Ring. Whether you are replacing a broken extractor or looking to increase reliability in your short barrel rifle, you can’t go wrong with the Bravo Company extractor spring upgrade kit.

  • BCM extractor spring
  • Heat treated and shot peened chrome silicon
  • Black extractor insert
  • O-Ring
  • Designed for SBRs but works with all barrel lengths

Expect nothing less than professional grade weaponry from Bravo Company Manufacturing, one of the nation’s largest stocking inventories of AR-15, M4, and M16 parts and accessories. Their products have been used by many United States law enforcement agencies, US Border Patrol, HQ SOCOM, US Army, US Navy, US Airforce, US Marines, US Coast Guard, and more. They believe in providing responsible citizens with the means to defend themselves and will continue to do so for many years to come.
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