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Luth-AR .223 Buffer Body Assembly

Luth-AR .223 Buffer Body Assembly

SKU: SQ6990923
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Looking to build a rifle length AR-15? This .223 buffer tube assembly from Luth-AR comes with everything you need to attach an A2 or rifle length buttstock to your rifle. The A2 buffer tube is made from aluminum while the spring is made from stainless steel. When paired with a rifle length gas system, this buffer assembly will provide exceptional reliability and durability. It simply threads into any Mil-Spec AR-15 lower receiver and is compatible with the Luth-AR MBA-1/2  or other rifle buttstocks compatible with A2 receiver extensions. The spring and buffer weight are tuned specifically to .223 and 5.56 caliber rounds and will not work in .308 rifles.

  • A2 rifle length buttstock aluminum extension tube
  • Standard .223/5.56 rifle stainless steel buffer spring
  • Standard .223/5.56 buffer weight

The Luth-AR company was founded by the same man who founded the DPMS and Panther Arms firearms companies. Randy Luth started as a machinist and built his way up to leading some of the most recognizable and respected companies in the firearms industry. The Luth company now owns seven patents for high quality AR-15/.308 components and accessories that are built for the competition shooter, hunter, and gun enthusiast.


Buffer: AR-15 Rifle - Standard 5.20 oz
Platform: AR-15
Type: Stock Hardware Kit
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